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Feb 25, 2022
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New World provides players with different types of weapons and knives to survive in the hostile in-game world. But these knives lose their sharpness after some time. Therefore, it is crucial to sharpen the knives in regular intervals. Here comes the honing stones that players can use to sharpen their knives. Even the sharpest knife in the drawer doesn’t stay sharp forever. Bladed implements, whether they be for chopping lettuce or hacking limbs, gradually receive lots of little nicks and scratches in their blades, which reduce their effectiveness. This is why blades need to be periodically honed with stones. While blades in New World don’t wear out like in real life, you can still make use of stones to sharpen them. Here’s where to find Honing Stones in New World. What are Honing Stones in New World? There are four kinds of Honing Stone. Each one can be used to offer a minor damage boost for a short time. The flat damage buff ranges from 4% to 7% and it’s a pretty useful PvP tool. The more powerful the stone, the longer the boost lasts as well. Weak Honing Stone: Boosts damage by 4% for 25 minutes Common Honing Stone: Boosts damage by 5% for 30 minutes Strong Honing Stone: Boosts damage by 6% for 35 minutes Powerful Honing Stone: Boosts damage by 7% for 40 minutes Honing Stone Locations in New World- How to Get them? Honing Stones are not very difficult to get. Players can either craft them or purchase them. Of course, the crafting process is a little tiresome but not very difficult. There are a total of 4 types of Honing Stones available. Below we are discussing the crafting process of each Honing Stone- To craft a Powerful Honing Stone, players need one Obsidian Voidstone, one Fire Quintessence, and one Death Quintessence. To craft a Common Honing stone, players need one Stone Brick, one Fire Wisp, and one Death Wisp. To craft a Strong Honing Stone, players need one Death Essence, one Fire Essence, and one Lodestone. To craft a Weak Honing Stone, players need one Fire Mote, one Stone Block, and one Death Mote. If you don’t like crafting them, you can purchase them from Trading Posts. While you are looking for it, other players are ready to sell it. Visit the Trading Post and search for the type of Honing Stone you want. You’ll get the prices. Compare the prices thoroughly to have a good deal. is an excellent store with rich stock of New World Coins, and can always provide all customers with lower prices than other stores. A 100% secure transaction system can ensure that all transactions are safe and legal. In addition, the store provides the most popular payment methods, such as Paypal, Visa credit card, etc.
This guide will help you know how to get Honing Stones in New World content media


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